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Let The Games Begin


Perhaps one of the most famous forms of artificial intelligence to come into people’s homes was, Watson. If you are familiar with the popular quiz show Jeopardy, you will remember Watson. Named after IBM’s first CEO and industrialist, Thomas J. Watson, the computer contestant went up against Jeopardy’s two all time- highest earning players, Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings.

The challenge was to see if a machine could out-think humans in an actual question and answer contest. Watson walked, or more accurately rolled away with the grand prize earning of $1 million dollars. We’ve witnessed AI on TV in science fiction movies and our favorite weekly shows, yet when it enters our home we are still duly impressed. It’s the everyday duties and gadgets that we rely on to make living more convenient and fun.

The other day when I had to have my car towed, naturally I didn’t expect the driver to show up with a little robot buddy, but I wasn’t surprised to discover that even a local tow service St Louis MO had a tool or two that is tied back to artificial intelligence. It’s insinuating itself into our lives in the most subtle of ways. AI can deliver a better quality of performance, which potentially makes for a better life.

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