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AI 2

The innovation of the programmable digital computer was birthed in the 1940s out of a necessity to “think” faster and solve complex problems. However, it is the human mind that initially built the firmware and software to enable the machines to perform feats of intelligence normally reserved for the limited number of geniuses and savants on the planet. A threshold was crossed when software was designed that replaced human intelligence in terms of decision making supported by speech and visual recognition, a machine that acted through its own sense perceptions. Artificial Intelligence or AI entered the world of the living.

The question foremost in the minds of computer scientists everywhere was, “Can machines think?” Unlike 3D Scanning and printing where a program is designed as an application to reproduce a set of instructions, AI is using stored data to think through a problem. A flow of logic is applied to deliver a reasonable solution – an end result based on the principle of reasoning.

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